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Friday February 12th 2016



Your Tax Dollars Wasted: New Job Alerts System Launched


I can’t think of a more redundant system than the jobs page launched by the Canadian federal Human Resources and Skills Development.  It screams redundancy.  The new service they are describing, sending job alerts to prospective work seekers, is already being performed by countless job sites, Workopolis, Monster and so on.  I have no idea what group they are intending to serve that was missing out prior to their launch.  I suspect that the boneheads in the HR & Skill Department, had nothing to do one year and initiated a project that a skilled coder could develop and test within a week but ragged the puck for over a year on.  This has all the hallmarks of a make work project.

That’s enough of me being critical.  Let’s think of how the HR department could be more productive with your tax dollars.

1)  Eliminate the cost of running their own site and partner up with an existing web site for low skilled jobs.  Eliminating the redundant staff that the federal governement employs.  By being a customer the government would be able to quickly have new features implemented simply by asking for them and contracting them out to their partner.

2)  Instead of running their own job site, the government should simply list off the most popular job sites for job seekers to use.

3)  Encourage that employers use free billboards like Kijiji and Craigslist.  Most do this anyway.  They could also tell employers to use sites Linkedin.

There are no doubt countless examples of government redundancy and waste out there.


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